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Welcome to the Centre for Marine Restoration

The marine environment surrounding Denmark consists of low-water, coastal ecosystems with a diverse collection of flora and fauna. Coastal nature in Denmark is also the countries' greatest contribution to the planet’s biodiversity. Despite centuries of effort, trying to improve the quality of water in the near-coast marine environment, the ecological condition remains unsatisfactory. Even the protected natural habitats hold an unfavourable conservation status.

We recognise that it is no longer enough to reduce nutrient admissions to improve nature and environmental conditions. In many cases, active restoration is a necessary supplement when recreating the lost habitats and securing the valuable ecosystem services the sea provides, which, in turn, contributes to a robust marine habitat (Orth et al. 2020).

In later years, a growing interest in active marine restoration has occurred. This interest stems from a wish for more fish near coastal zones and a wish for more natural variation along the coast. However, the completed projects have only contributed to a limited amount of knowledge on the project’s natural and environmental effects. And so, there is a great need for a knowledge-based approach to provide a better understanding of factors (ecological, technical, and economic) which will lead to success in future projects.

The Centre for Marine Restoration aims to promote a knowledge-based approach to marine restoration. This will be done to strengthen the resilience of marine ecosystems, as well as the ecological balance and a large number of other ecosystem services in Danish waters. The Centre wants to provide specialist knowledge and consult external partners on various factors (regarding ecology, technique, and economy) that will lead the projects to success and minimizes failure. As a contribution to the national activities regarding marine restoration, the Centre seeks to render consultancy services built on scientific and well-documented knowledge. We exist to improve the conditions of Danish seas and fiords through a knowledge-based approach.


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